Monday, May 27, 2013

Louis Riel

Last year, I was approached to help develop a feature film based on the graphic novel, Louis Riel: A Comic-Strip Biography by Chester Brown.

I wrote a treatment and then animated the following as a proof-of-concept for the general look of the film.  I wanted to keep the really distinctive look of Brown's characters, which were really reminiscent of Harold Gray's Li'l Orphan Annie and Herge's Tintin. I chose to break from the look of the novel by not only adding colour but also by expanding the picture frame from the rigid square comic panels, to a Cinemascope format.  I felt this would help to suggest the width of the Canadian landscape and the vast distances from East to West, which is a central theme to the story.

Despite generating a fair bit of interest, things (as is so often the case) fell through and it looks like the project is dead in the water.
But, since I never like hard work to go to waste, I present the short film here for you to see what might have been...


Adam Weaver said...

Having read, and been touched, by Chester Browns graphic novel i had my hope raised and flatlined reading this post. I really like the changes you brought to the original style for the cinematic. Lets hope this doesn't stay dead in the water for long.

Tequila Whisperer said...

Nick --
What a glorious "find" to learn that you were animating (however briefly) "Louis Riel". I LOVED that novel.

Your test "sold" me!
Nice job.

Ciaronemous said...

lovely work

QPT said...

Glen Keane's Hand-drawn animation "Duet" displayed at Google I/O 2014 It's very interesting.

Anonymous said...

This looks so fantastic, I wish it was getting made. Maybe Chester Brown's PAYING FOR IT might be what people want to see on screen.